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The Unique Parks of Rectangle Trampolines for Athletes

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Trampolining has been an Olympic sport since 2000 and is a recreational activity for people of all ages. The aim is to perform acrobatic movements by bouncing on a sport trampoline. Trampolinists can perform simple jumps, front drops, back drops, seat drops and combination jumps.

As an aspiring gymnast or athlete, you want to maximise your training to reach peak performance. But with so many trampolines to choose from, it can be tricky deciding which shape is best. This is where rectangle trampolines stand out. Boasting unique advantages not found in round or square designs, rectangle trampolines offer the ideal bounce and stability for honing your skills. 

If you’re looking to become a competitive trampolinist, a rectangle trampoline is essential. Unlike round trampolines which are designed more for recreational use, rectangle trampolines have a larger surface area and provide a more even bounce across the entire bed. This allows athletes to perform more complex skills with greater control and stability.

In this blog, we will explore the special benefits of rectangle trampolines and why they could be a game changer for your training.

Enhanced Bounce and Control

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When it comes to bounce, rectangle trampolines have a clear advantage over the traditional circular design. Their elongated shape means the jumping mat has a larger surface area, allowing you to generate more power and momentum with each bounce.

Higher and More Controlled

The increased power translates into higher jumps that launch you up and forward, rather than just straight up like on a circular trampoline. Rectangle trampolines also have tighter, more responsive bounce that gives you more control over the height and direction of each jump. For gymnasts and athletes, this means being able to practice more complex skills with confidence.

The shape of the mat also reduces the amount of energy absorbed along the edges, so you get the same powerful lift and spring no matter where you jump on the mat. This consistent, predictable bounce is essential for mastering complicated routines and ensuring safe landings. 

Safer and More Durable

Rectangle trampolines are also safer and more durable, thanks to their sturdier construction. They have a lower center of gravity, so they’re less likely to tip over, and their steel frames and springs are built to handle the forces generated by high-impact jumps. The jumping mats are also tightly woven for maximum bounce and durability. These design features allow rectangle trampolines to stand up well to frequent use by athletic jumpers.

For aspiring gymnasts and athletes looking to take their skills to the next level, the enhanced bounce, control, and durability of rectangle trampolines provide a clear competitive edge. Their powerful, responsive jumping surface allows you to jump higher, practice more complex moves, and develop proper technique with confidence.

Spacious Jumping Surface

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Maximising Space

The spacious jumping surface of a rectangle trampoline provides ample room for complex gymnastic routines, twists and flips. The larger surface area gives you more space to build up momentum and successfully execute aerial skills with control. You have more room for the approach, take-off and landing of each move. This additional space is ideal for aspiring gymnasts and athletes to practice more advanced skills as they work to master their technique.

Benefits for Gymnasts and Athletes

For gymnasts and athletes, a rectangle trampoline offers significant benefits over a traditional round trampoline. The rectangular shape has a larger, uninterrupted jumping surface with more consistent bounce, allowing for higher jumps and longer hang times. This makes it easier to perform multiple skills in a row and stick the landing. The square corners also provide a reference point for orientation, which helps when practicing directional skills.

Improved Rebound Performance

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Controlled, predictable rebounds

The rectangular shape of the trampoline mat provides a large, even surface for rebounds. This means you can anticipate how and where you will bounce back up after landing a trick or skill. The consistent, powerful lift gives you more control to perform multiple flips and twists before landing. You’ll find it much easier to “string” skills together into combinations and routines.

Mastering advanced techniques

The improved rebound of a rectangle trampoline is ideal for honing your skills. The extra height and hang time gives you more opportunities to practice keeping your body straight and tight, spotting your landing, and nailing the dismount. You can work on perfecting complex tricks and skills like triples, quad twists, and other aerial manoeuvres that require significant height and control.

Developing power and precision

Rectangular trampolines help you build up power in your legs and core, which translates to higher, more precise jumps. The stronger lift will propel you up with more force so you can achieve greater amplitude on your skills. You’ll also find it easier to generate momentum to try new skills for the first time. With practice, you can develop the precision to land each trick “on your spot” in the center of the mat.

Competition-level performance

For aspiring gymnasts and athletes, a rectangular trampoline provides a competitive edge. The advanced rebound allows you to perform at the level required for competitions and events. You’ll be able to demonstrate a mastery of complex skills with tight form and high difficulty that impress the judges. A rectangle trampoline is the ideal tool for honing your skills and preparing to compete at the highest levels.

Precision in Landing and Takeoff

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The rectangular shape of rectangle trampolines provides aspiring gymnasts and athletes with accurate landing platforms for practicing complicated skills. The straight sides and right-angled corners serve as visual guides to help you stick the landing exactly where you intend to. This level of precision is essential for developing mastery over complex techniques.

Developing Technical Skills

For gymnasts and athletes, developing a high level of technical skill and body control is key. Rectangle trampolines give you the control and precision needed to perform complex skills with a high degree of difficulty. Their shape allows you to take off and land at precise spots, enabling you to practice and perfect advanced techniques.

Enhanced Body Awareness

The focused nature of rectangle trampolines also helps enhance your body awareness and kinesthetic sense. Their shape and dimensions provide parameters that can help you develop a stronger mind-body connection through repetitive practice of skills. This enhanced body awareness and control will translate to improved performance and execution.

Mastering Difficult Skills

For aspiring gymnasts and athletes, mastery over the most advanced skills is essential. Rectangle trampolines are ideally suited for practicing and perfecting the most difficult techniques that require a high level of precision and control. Their shape gives you clearly defined spatial references so you can confidently and consistently perform complicated skills. With regular practice on a rectangle trampoline, you’ll be executing the most complex techniques with precision in no time.

Durability and Stability

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Sturdy Frame

The sturdy steel frame of a rectangle trampoline provides a solid base of support for the mat. This heavy-duty frame can withstand the repeated impact from gymnastics and training for years. The springs attaching the mat to the frame are also made of galvanised steel, so they won’t easily break down or lose tension over time. This means the mat will remain taut and responsive for executing complex aerial skills.

Firm Bed

The bed itself on a rectangle trampoline is made of tightly woven polypropylene mesh that won’t get holes or tears easily. Even after years of use, a properly cared for rectangle trampoline bed will maintain its shape and elasticity. Because the bed is not as bouncy as a round trampoline, it’s also less likely to cause injuries from uncontrolled rebounds or bed buckling. The firmness and stability of the bed is ideal for practicing precise landings and complex skills.

Safety Pads

The thick foam safety pads that cover the springs and frame also contribute to the durability and longevity of a rectangle trampoline. They help prevent jumpers from landing on or getting limbs caught in the springs and frame, reducing the risk of breaks, sprains and other injuries. Because the pads take much of the impact, the trampoline itself suffers less wear and tear over time. The pads should be checked regularly and replaced when they start to show signs of damage or wear for maximum safety.


Rectangle trampolines offer some key advantages that make them ideal for gymnasts and other athletes looking to take their skills to the next level. With extra bounce, stability and versatility compared to circular designs, these specialist tramps allow you to perfect complex routines in complete safety. And the rectangular shape gives you more usable space to experiment with new moves. While they do cost a bit more, for serious aspiring gymnasts the investment is well worth it. With the right coaching and plenty of practice time on a suitable rectangle trampoline, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can progress. Just make sure to put safety first, warm up properly and build up gradually.

What are the benefits of a rectangular trampoline?
Rectangular trampolines offer superior bounce and rebound compared to other shapes. They usually provide more consistent bounce, which makes them ideal for gymnastics and advanced tricks.
Why are rectangle trampolines more bouncy?
Rectangle trampolines have a unique spring configuration that provides increased tension and responsiveness. This design allows for greater bounce height and control, making them popular for gymnastics and professional use.
What size trampoline is good for gymnastics?
A rectangular trampoline measuring around 8ft x 14ft or larger is suitable for gymnastics. The larger surface area and consistent bounce of rectangular trampolines make them ideal for practicing gymnastic routines and advanced tricks.
How much weight can a rectangular trampoline hold?
The weight capacity of a rectangular trampoline varies depending on the specific model and construction. Most high-quality rectangular trampolines can support weights ranging from 250 pounds to over 400 pounds, ensuring safe use for multiple users.
How are rectangular trampolines measured?
Rectangular trampolines are measured by their length and width in feet. The dimensions are typically provided as the length first, followed by the width. For example, a rectangular trampoline may be listed as 8ft x 14ft, indicating it is 8 feet long and 14 feet wide.