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5 Reasons Your Weekend Should Begin at Trampoline Parks in UK

trampoline parks

Are You searching for weekend plan in the UK that includes a fun and adventure activity?

Well, a trampoline park can be on the top of the list, whether you want to spend your time with your friend doing adventures that will create a lasting memory or you are looking for bonding time with family on the weekend, it has both qualities in supervised vision.

At the trampoline parks, you not only get the thrill of jumping and bouncing, but it’s also going to be a healthy weekend for you! Trampoline parks are one of the best ways to stay fit and get an adrenaline rush into your mind, just like a big 14 ft trampoline at home. It’s slowly becoming a sensational choice for families, providing a lively and enjoyable experience.  

In this blog, we will explore five reasons why trampoline parks should be your go-to weekend activity in the UK.

Exciting Games for Everyone

trampoline parks

It is a well known fact that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, but people want enjoyment too. One way to achieve this is by going to a Trampoline Park. They offer both i.e; fun and enjoyment with health benefits, that’s why they are trampoline parks are trending in the UK.  Also, trampoline parks are a fun place and can be enjoyed by all ages of people. When it comes to the matter of increased heart rate, calories burned and overall fitness, trampoline parks are a good way to achieve it. Even as compared to other high impact exercises, jumping on a trampoline is less stressful for your joints.

If you are going to a Trampoline Park, here are some of the games you can play:


You can play dodgeball on a trampoline, as you play it on normal ground. The bouncing part will provide some additional excitement and can help to alter and strategize things, which can further help in overall mental growth.


Just like dodgeball, basketball can also be played on a trampoline, and it is quite fun. Slum-dunking on a trampoline gives thrill and you can be in the shoes of Kobe Bryant. It is fun for children to play such games with their friends, and it provides a healthy area for competition.

Trampoline Aerobics

The very basic function of a trampoline is to provide a platform for jump, which is the basis of Aerobics. Majority of the aerobics is performed on a trampoline. If not being a professional aerobat, you can simply jump to music and have fun with your friends.

Simon Says – Trampoline Edition

You know what Simon Says right? You can play the game on the trampoline as well. Participants have to follow the ‘Simon’ commands while jumping on the trampoline.

Safety Features to Look At

trampoline parks

As the world is speeding up, it is very challenging for people to find quality time to spend with themselves and their family. Jumping on a trampoline can give you quality time with your family and friends. As you jump together, it can help you strengthen your ties and help in making lasting memories. 

As families with children are involved in the trampoline parks, safety is the key. All the trampoline parks with public use trampoline in the UK have guidelines and protocols that help to prevent any accidents.

If you are really curious about the safety measures, here are some of them:

Trained Staff

Providing basic security to all the members in a trampoling park is a must. In this domain trained staff is crucial in providing safety. 

Age and Size Restriction

Not all the equipment in a travelling park can be used by all the people. Age specific equipment has to be used by the members, and it should be followed strictly.

Safety Signage

Proper safety signage with instructions are placed at every game and equipment, so that people can read and follow them.

Equipment Maintenance

Equipments are checked in short intervals and it is made sure that they are properly working, and not provide any hazard. In case a faulty equipment is identified, it is replaced immediately.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All the participants in the trampoline park are again expected to wear PPEs like non-slip trampoline socks to enhance traction and reduce the risk of falling off a trampoline.

You should always choose a trampoline park that follows all these guidelines and work for the safety of their customers.

Get Stress Relief Weekend

trampoline parks

Sometimes we all just want a break, that’s it. Relaxation comes in quite a number of ways like spa, a quiet gateway, or bouncing at a trampoline park. It is necessary too, to get refreshed from time to time. 

Now let’s talk about why bouncing on a trampoline park is helpful in refreshing your mind. 

Stress-Busting Fun

Trampoline parks are like stress busters. Happy hormones like endorphins are released when you enjoy and have a good time with yourself. 

Up in the Air Relaxation

With bouncing, you can literally feel weightless, giving you a way to calm your nerves and have a thrilling experience all at the same time.

Not Your Regular Weekend Plan

Ever thought what to do on a boring weekend? Maybe you can have a walk at your park, or have lunch in a fancy restaurant. But trampoline parks are unique and are in trend across the UK, as they provide a different experience and can act as a change in your same mundane weekend routine.

Celebrate Special Occasions in Style

trampoline parks

Are you bored of celebrating birthdays or special occasions at home? Why not try trampoline parks, give them a try, and you will know how much fun they are. Trampoline Parks provide special packages for parties that include group rates, party tables, and even drinks and food. 

Interactive and Active Fun

Unlike other traditional ways to celebrate, trampoline parks offer unique games and fun activities. It can help you in a lively experience, which is dynamic.

Safe and Supervised Environment

As discussed earlier, trampoline parks provide fun with all the safety measures which are necessary while bouncing. The controlled environment ensures that you are safe with your family. Parents can just relax knowing their children are in a secure place.

Diverse Activities and Challenges

Apart from bouncing, there are many fun activities to do in a trampoline park. From dodgeball to slam-dunking and jumping in a pit full of sponge cubes, the options are endless.

Memorable and Instagrammable Moments

You heard it right, you can create memories and post it directly on your socials like Instagram and Facebook. You can capture cool pictures while in the air. 

Birthday parties in trampoline parks are in trend, where children celebrate and have lasting memories to share. 

Things To Check Before Going To Trampoline Parks

trampoline parks

As you have decided to enjoy your time in a trampoline park, here are some important things you should keep in mind:

Choosing the Location for Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are everywhere in the UK, be it London or Manchester or Birmingham. They are available in all the major cities and you can easily find one near you.

Some Trampoline park chains which are popular in the UK are Akrobat, SuperTramp and Oxygen. These parks offer a wide range of facilities and a safe environment to enjoy for all ages.

Pricing and packages available at trampoline parks 

There are different pricing options to choose from, and they vary from park to park. Mostly, trampoline parks offer services at hourly rates, it gives you flexibility to choose for yourself how much time you want to spend. Discounted bookings are also available if you opt for group bookings, this is beneficial if you are planning a group party or event. 

Additionally, trampoline parks offer theme based events/ These events can have a separate pricing but it is worth checking it out. For example, you can find the Christmas theme around the end of the year.

Booking and reservation process

It is always advisable that you book your trampoline park session in advance to avoid any last minute rush. At most of the parks you will find an online booking system, and you can book the ticket while chilling in your home. At the time of advance booking, you have to select the preferred time slot, as it is divided into various slots. 

Like all the advance booking processes, this process is quite easy to do. Basic details like your Name, Address, Identity proof and number of participants have to be provided to confirm your bookings.


As we move to the conclusion, Trampoline parks in the UK provide quite an experience, when it comes to get-togethers and parties. You can spend quality time and it is also beneficial for your health. They are safety equipment and measures which should be followed, and you are good to go. Find your nearest trampoline park and experience the thrill and excitement with your loved ones.

What age is best for a trampoline park?
Trampoline parks are suitable for children aged 6 and above, considering physical coordination and strength. Always follow age guidelines and safety measures for a safe and enjoyable experience.
Is a trampoline park a good first date?
A trampoline park can be a unique and fun first date, promoting laughter and interaction. However, consider your date’s preferences and comfort level with physical activities.
Can you wear your own socks at a trampoline park?
Some trampoline parks allow you to wear your own socks, but they must be non-slip. Check the park’s specific rules and guidelines to ensure compliance with their safety regulations.
Is it OK to wear shorts to a trampoline park?
Yes, wearing shorts to a trampoline park is generally acceptable. Opt for comfortable, breathable clothing and ensure that it adheres to the park’s dress code for safety reasons.
What games are there in a trampoline park?
Trampoline parks offer various games, including dodgeball, slam dunk basketball, and obstacle courses. These activities add an extra layer of enjoyment to the bouncing experience for visitors of all ages.

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