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5 Successful Akrobat Trampoline Parks

trampoline parks

Have you ever wanted to defy gravity and soar through the air? Maybe you’ve seen some epic slam dunks or flips on the TV and thought, “I wish I could do that!” Well, now you can. 

Akrobat trampoline parks are popping up all over and giving people of all ages the chance to fly. At over 100 locations worldwide, Akrobat has some of the biggest and best trampoline playgrounds out there. We’re talking massive trampoline arenas, foam pits, dodgeball courts, basketball hoops, and battlebeams. 

Whether you want to just bounce around, perfect your backflip, or challenge your friends to an epic trampoline dodgeball match, Akrobat has something for everyone. In this blog, we’ll cover five of the most successful Akrobat locations that feature the biggest and most exciting attractions.


Strap on your grip socks and get ready to take your inner child on an adventure they’ll never forget. The sky is no longer the limit!

Overview of Akrobat's 16 Years Bringing Trampoline Parks to Life

Akrobat has been designing and building trampoline parks for over 16 years. They started with a passion for jumping and a vision to bring affordable family entertainment to communities across Europe and beyond.

Akrobat works closely with clients to create custom trampoline parks tailored to their needs and target audiences. No two parks are the same. Whether you want basic trampolines and padding or a full-on ninja warrior course with slacklines and rope swings, Akrobat has you covered. They handle everything from initial design to installation to ensure your park is up and running in no time.

With experience building over 200 trampoline parks worldwide, Akrobat has seen and done it all. They stay on the cutting edge of trampoline park trends to keep things fresh and exciting for visitors. New interactive digital games, augmented climbing walls, battle beams, and cageball courts are just a few of the innovative attractions Akrobat offers.


Akrobat’s goal is simple: to bring real value to their customers and transform empty spaces into thrilling family destinations. Their passion for jumping comes through in every park they build. After 16 years and counting, that passion is still going strong.

Inside 5 Unique and Popular Akrobat-Designed Trampoline Parks

trampoline parks

Amazinga – UK:

In the UK, Amazinga stands out with its focus on variety. Beyond traditional trampolines and foam pits, the park offers zip lines, drop slides, a wipeout game, and a bungee catapult ride for thrill-seekers. The entertainment extends beyond trampolining, with additional attractions such as laser tag, bowling, and an arcade, ensuring a day filled with excitement and fun for visitors of all ages.

Abenteuerland Park – Germany:

Abenteuerland Park in Germany offers a jungle-themed wonderland for families. The massive play area is equipped with nets, ropes, and various obstacles, providing an adventurous space for kids and adults alike to swing, climb, and bounce. Additionally, there’s a dedicated toddler zone where the littlest jumpers can join in the fun. The overall atmosphere is family-friendly, making it an ideal destination for a day of exciting activities.

Sky & Sand – Würzburg:

Located in Würzburg, Sky & Sand is an urban trampoline park known for its unique hexagonal trampolines that give jumpers an extra boost. The park also features a metal balcony, providing spectators with a bird’s-eye view of all the action below. With its exhilarating atmosphere, Sky & Sand attracts both locals and tourists seeking a thrilling and memorable experience.

Urban Jump – Zagreb, Croatia:

Urban Jump in Zagreb, Croatia, combines the excitement of trampolining with the thrill of parkour. The park features a Ninja Warriors course with challenging obstacles that jumpers can bounce over, climb up, and flip off of. For those who prefer team sports, Urban Jump offers a dodgeball court, providing a friendly competitive element to the trampoline experience.

Urban Air – Near Dallas, Texas:


Urban Air, located near Dallas, Texas, caters to jumpers of every skill level. The park boasts diverse attractions, including climbing walls, battle beams, and a prozone for athletes. One of its innovative features is the apex area, where trampolines on walls and ceilings allow visitors to defy gravity while enjoying a unique bouncing experience.

Key Factors Behind Akrobat's Trampoline Park Success Stories

trampoline parks

To have a successful trampoline park, Akrobat focused on three key factors: location, amenities, and customer experience.


Akrobat carefully selects locations for their trampoline parks in densely populated areas with lots of foot traffic and visibility. Their parks in the UK, like Amazinga, are in urban environments where many potential customers live or visit. The parks are easily accessible by public transit and parking, attracting both locals and tourists.


Akrobat designs each trampoline park to have a variety of attractions beyond standard trampolines. They include obstacle courses, dodgeball courts, rock climbing walls, and “battle beams.” The parks also have designated toddler areas, so families with young kids can play together. Additional amenities like full-service restaurants, arcade games, and private party rooms enhance the overall experience.

Customer Experience

Akrobat aims to provide an unforgettable experience for all visitors. Their parks offer interactive games and activities for people of all ages and fitness levels. Staff provide excellent customer service, ensuring safety, facilitating the activities, and enhancing the fun. The vibrant designs and music create an energetic atmosphere. Visitors can easily spend hours bouncing, climbing, and playing with friends and family.


These three factors—strategic locations, diverse amenities, and a focus on customer experience—are key to Akrobat’s success in creating popular trampoline parks. By designing each park to engage visitors for as long as possible, Akrobat is able to build a loyal customer base and a strong brand reputation.

Akrobat's Innovative Modules and Attractions for All Ages

trampoline parks

Akrobat trampoline parks feature a variety of modules and attractions suited for jumpers of all ages and skill levels. For the little ones, a dedicated toddler area with smaller trampolines and soft play equipment lets kids up to age 5 bounce and tumble under their parent’s watchful eyes. The younger set will also love the cage ball pits, battle beams, and ninja warrior courses tailored to their abilities.

For bigger kids and adults, Akrobat parks provide high-performance trampolines for getting serious air, as well as areas for practising flips, tricks, and dunks. Obstacle courses, climbing walls, and slacklines challenge your balance, coordination, and endurance. When you need a break from bouncing, head to the dodgeball courts, basketball hoops, or augmented climbing walls for interactive games powered by projections.

No matter your age, fitness level, or trampolining skills, Akrobat’s innovative, custom-designed parks have something for everyone. With a variety of classic and digital attractions, as well as spaces for both recreational jumping and high-level athletics, Akrobat helps families and friends of all kinds to get active and have fun together. Their tailored, all-ages approach is key to delivering an unforgettable experience for any visitor.


Next time you’re looking for an exciting indoor adventure, check out your nearest Akrobat trampoline park. Between the massive trampoline arenas, ninja courses, climbing challenges, and multiplayer games, you’ll find endless ways to jump, bounce, and thrill. Akrobat’s forward-thinking modules and attractions redefine recreation, bringing people of all ages together for a memorable day of play.


So there you have it: five of the most successful Akrobat trampoline parks around the world. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, a fun family day out, or just a chance to defy gravity for a while, these massive trampoline playgrounds have something for everyone. The sheer scale and variety of attractions at each park are truly mind-blowing. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these parks, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over there, jump on in, and bounce the day away without a care in the world. For the rest of us, they’re well worth adding to the bucket list for your next vacation. Just make sure to pack your knee pads, book your tickets in advance, and prepare to have the time of your life!

Akrobat Trampoline Parks stands out for its innovative design, safety features, and quality equipment.

Akrobat caters to a wide range of age groups and skill levels, ensuring inclusivity for families, children’s parties, and groups of friends.

Rigorous safety protocols, trained staff, secure harness systems, and well-maintained equipment ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The world’s best Akrobat trampoline is located in the UK (Amazinga), showcasing the brand’s grand scale and popularity.

The title of the best trampoline in the world is subjective, but Akrobat trampolines are widely recognized for their innovative design, safety features, and overall quality.

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