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Exciting Activities at Your Local Trampoline Park

trampoline park

Ever wanted to feel like a child again, bouncing around without a care in the world? Well, you’re in luck! Your local trampoline park is packed with exciting activities that will bring out your inner child. From wall-to-wall trampolines to dodgeball courts and ninja warrior obstacle courses, this adrenaline-pumping paradise has something for everyone. 

In this blog you will learn about the exciting activities which you will find in a trampoline park.

The Thrill of Trampolining

trampoline park

As you jump higher and higher, you get an adrenaline rush from the thrill of almost flying. You can start your weekend at a trampoline park. Trampolining provides an enjoyable cardio workout as you twist, flip, and bounce to your heart’s content. 

Whole Body Workout

Trampolining works your whole body, from your legs to your core to your balance. As you jump, you’re constantly making slight adjustments to stay balanced and land properly. This engages your core and leg muscles. Rebounding on a trampoline provides an effective cardio workout, with studies showing you can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. For workouts, large 14ft trampoline is always preferred for added space and safety. The low-impact nature of trampolining also means less stress on your joints.

Improved Spatial Awareness

Trampolining helps improve your spatial awareness and body control. As you get more advanced, you can practise aerial manoeuvres, flips, and twists that require knowing exactly where you are in space. Start with basic bounces and knee tucks, then progress to seat drops, front drops, and combinations. With practice, your skills and spatial awareness will improve.

Trampoline Dodgeball

trampoline park

Trampoline dodgeball brings all the fun of a regular dodgeball game but amplifies the excitement with bouncy trampolines. Teams try to hit each other with squishy balls while jumping around. The objective is simple: dodge the balls being hurled at you while trying to get the other team out. The last team with players left wins!

Bounce, Duck and Throw

Trampoline dodgeball requires agility, hand-eye coordination and stamina. As balls whiz past your head, you’ll have to jump, bounce and duck out of the way. When you grab a ball, you can throw it at the other team to try and get them out. Aim for their legs or below the waist. If you get hit, you’re out – so watch out! The thrill of competition and cheering from the sidelines will get your adrenaline pumping.

Trampoline dodgeball offers an exciting social experience for people of all ages. The combination of dodgeball, trampolines, music and lights creates an atmosphere of fun competition and playfulness. Give it a try for an afternoon of bouncing, ducking, throwing and laughter with friends or family. 

Slam Dunk Zones

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Trampoline parks usually feature large trampoline basketball courts, complete with adjustable hoops of varying heights. Pick up a basketball and start practising your jump shots and layups. The trampoline surface provides extra bounce to help you pull off trickier shots. This activity can also be enjoyed with colleagues while hosting meetings in a trampoline park. See if you can channel your inner LeBron James and slam dunk the ball through the hoop.

Get your dunk on

For the ultimate thrill, head to the trampoline dunk zones. These areas feature hoops with rims up to 10 feet high, perfect for practising your most acrobatic dunks. Build up some speed on the trampoline and propel yourself up towards the hoop. Grab onto the rim and hang in mid-air before dropping down to the trampoline surface. Successfully dunking a basketball on a regulation hoop is challenging enough, but doing it on a trampoline takes it to another level. The dunk zones are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Free Jumping

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In the open jump area, trampolines are lined up side by side, giving you plenty of space to jump as high as you like. Start with some simple bounces to get used to the feeling of weightlessness these trampolines provide. Once you’ve found your bounce, try tucking your knees up, twisting in the air or bouncing off at an angle. See if you can get big air and pull off a flip or two. The possibilities for fun are endless.

Learn New Skills

Open jump is also a great time to practise new skills or tricks you’ve seen the pros do. Watch some tutorial videos to learn the proper technique, then give it a go with the help of an instructor. They can give you tips for getting more height, maintaining control in the air and landing safely. Even if you don’t master a new trick on your first try, you’ll have fun attempting it in the open jump area.

Freedom of Movement

There’s something liberating about jumping on trampolines. You can bounce as high as you like, move in any direction, twist and flip to your heart’s content. For a few minutes, you’ll defy gravity and experience a sense of weightlessness and freedom. Open jump gives both children and adults the chance to unleash their inner child and just have fun jumping!

Bouncing on the giant trampolines, learning new skills with the help of instructors and enjoying the liberating feeling of movement. Open jump at your local trampoline park is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and bring out your playful side.

Foam Pits

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Climb up to the tallest platform, stand at the edge, and take a deep breath. Now jump! The feeling of free falling into the soft foam cubes below is a thrill like no other. As you land in the pit, the cubes will envelope you in a cushiony embrace. For a few moments, you’ll feel weightless, surrounded by the bright colours of the foam in a surreal, fantastical space.

The foam pit evokes a sense of carefree play that taps into your inner child. Peals of laughter will erupt as you and your friends cannonball, flip, and belly flop into the foam. Form alliances to create the biggest splash, have splash contests to see who can create the most foam chaos, or just lounge in the pit, moving the cubes around with your hands. The simple pleasures of jumping and playing in the foam pit will lift your spirits and leave you giggling with glee.

Foam pits add an element of excitement and whimsical fun to the trampoline park experience. Whether you prefer to elegantly swan dive or make the biggest, loudest splash, the foam pit offers endlessly amusing ways to unleash your playful side. Take a break from the trampolines and make some joyful memories jumping into a sea of colourful cubes. The foam pit is pure, unadulterated fun for all ages.


The aim of the game is to get the other team to miss the ball so you can score points. Matches are played best two out of three games, with each game lasting just a couple of minutes. The short duration means the action is intense and nonstop. You’ll be leaping, twisting and rebounding off the walls and nets at high velocity.

Aeroball requires coordination, reflexes and the ability to track a fast-moving object while airborne. It’s not as easy as it looks, but after a few matches you’ll get the hang of it. The competitive nature of the game means emotions and adrenaline run high. Expect team celebrations, mid-air collisions and lots of laughter.

The balloon ball is lighter than a volleyball, so hits can go flying up towards the ceiling. Teams that can set up power hits and spikes will gain an advantage. Work with your partner to cover the entire trampoline, defending your side while also being in position to return hard hits. Communication and teamwork are key.


trampoline park

At first, you’ll likely wobble and stumble, grasping for the handrails on either side to steady yourself. But with practice, you’ll gain confidence, finding your centre of gravity and learning to anticipate the movements of the line. When you finally stride across without grabbing the rails, you’ll feel a rush of accomplishment and thrill. The foam pit below offers reassurance that any slips will end in a soft landing.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start experimenting with different techniques to up the excitement. Try walking heel-to-toe, shuffling sideways, or jumping and bouncing. Make sure you are using trampoline socks for better grip and added advantage. For an even bigger challenge, attempt some tricks like turning around, sitting down, or dropping into a squat. The possibilities for play are endless.


So there you have it! Your local trampoline park is packed with awesome activities for all ages. Whether you’re looking to bounce your way through an epic dodgeball battle, show off your flips into the foam pit, test your ninja skills on the obstacle courses or simply jump to your heart’s content on the open trampoline area, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the fun – round up your family and friends and make a date to visit. We guarantee you’ll have a blast and leave with a huge smile on your face, ready to come back for more high-flying adventures. Just remember to stretch those legs beforehand, and bounce safely!

What should I wear to the trampoline park?
Avoid clothing with buckles, zips, or anything that could scratch or get caught on the trampoline surface. Non-slip socks are usually required and available for purchase at the park.
Are there age restrictions for participating in activities at the trampoline park?
Some activities may have minimum age requirements for safety reasons. It’s best to check with the specific trampoline park you plan to visit for their age restrictions and guidelines.
How do I ensure my safety while jumping on the trampolines?
Follow guidelines include instructions on how to jump safely, avoid collisions, and use the equipment properly. Always warm up before jumping and be mindful of your surroundings to prevent injuries.
Can I bring my own food and drinks to the trampoline park?
Policies regarding outside food and drinks vary from park to park. Some trampoline parks may have designated areas for eating and drinking, while others may prohibit outside food and drinks altogether. Check the park’s website or contact them directly for their specific policies.
Do I need to book in advance for activities at the trampoline park?
It’s recommended to book in advance, especially during peak times or for specific activities like dodgeball tournaments or birthday parties. Booking in advance ensures you secure your spot and allows the park to manage capacity effectively. However, walk-ins are usually welcome based on availability. Check the park’s website or call ahead to enquire about booking options.