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Surprising Fun Activities Ideas: To Make Your Trampoline Experience Joyful


Although trampolines are most commonly thought of for basic bouncing, they can do so much more to improve your leisure and fitness pursuits. This versatile piece of equipment can be the centre of many exciting and imaginative experiences that extend happiness. There are a lot of unexpected things you can try out on trampolines, whether it’s in your garden or at a nearby gym, aside from the typical jumps.

We’ll explore a variety of entertaining and distinctive activities in this guide that is intended to make your trampoline experience enjoyable and captivating. There is something for everyone, from creative games and exciting fitness routines to themed parties and instructive activities. You’ll find lots of inspiration here whether you’re a parent trying to find new methods to keep their children entertained, a fitness enthusiast seeking a new challenge, or someone who enjoys creative play.

Why trampolines are a source of fun activities

Trampolines are great for more than just jumping up and down; they provide a lot of advantages and entertaining activities for people of all ages and interests for the following reasons:

  • Wide Range of Games: There are several game options, ranging from basketball to dodgeball on a trampoline. Traditional games are given an intriguing twist by the bouncing surface.
  • Full-Body Workout: Jumping on a sports trampoline works with a variety of muscle groups, offering an all-around workout. Trampoline exercises enhance balance and coordination, two qualities necessary for general physical fitness. 
  • Themed Parties: Plan themed trampoline events, such as costume or glow-in-the-dark parties, which are excellent for fostering fun and social interactions with loved ones.
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation: Trampolines can be utilised for calming exercises like yoga or meditation, providing a special setting for concentration.
  • Learning Through Play:  Include educational games that encourage physical activity while teaching science, arithmetic, or spelling skills. Children’s motor abilities, cognitive abilities, and spatial awareness can all be enhanced by engaging in trampoline exercises.

A traditional means of getting exercise and having fun is via trampolines. You might be surprised to learn a lot of things about these common leisure gadgets, though. Learn more

fun activity with trampoline

Creative Games on the Trampoline

Trampoline Dodgeball

With its bouncing surface, trampoline dodgeball brings the thrill of the classic game to a whole new level. Family trampolines are the best to make your creative game ideas successful. 

How to Play and the Rules: 

  • Setup: Split the players up into two groups. Use lightweight, soft balls to prevent damage.
  • Objective: As they bounce on the trampoline, players try to hit opponents with the balls.


  • The trampoline’s surface is where players must remain.
  • A player is deemed “out” and is required to exit the trampoline if they are struck by a ball.
  • Until one team is eliminated, the game goes on. 

Safety Tips:

  • To prevent collisions, make sure that every player is informed of the regulations.
  • Only use cushiony, foam balls to avoid damage.
  • Keep an eye on the game to make sure it’s enjoyable and safe.

Trampoline Basketball

The bounce of the trampoline combined with basketball may create an exciting and difficult game.

Setting Up a Mini Hoop:

  • Equipment: Make use of a transportable, movable basketball hoop that works with trampolines. Make sure it is positioned and fastened securely. 
  • Placement: Set the hoop so that it is tough for all players to reach but still safe.

Game Variations and Challenges:

  • Horse: Each player attempts a shot in turn from various places. The next player must copy every successful shot, spelling out “HORSE” if they miss.
  • Timed Shootout: Time it and see who can make the most baskets in the allotted amount of time.
  • Trick Shots: Players should be challenged to make tough and inventive shots by using flips, spins, and other tricks.

Fitness and Exercise Routines

Fitness and Exercise Routines - trampoline

Not only are trampolines entertaining, but they’re also great for exercising! Use these energetic exercises to improve your physical well-being while having fun with the bounce.

Cardio workouts

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the Trampoline: Alternate between brief, intense bursts of exercise and rest or low-intensity intervals for 15-20 minutes. Switch between 30 seconds of high knees, 30 seconds of rest, and 30 seconds of jumping jacks. This routine boosts endurance, burns calories faster, and strengthens the heart.
  • Jumping Jacks and Variations: Try variations like star jumps, squat jacks, criss cross jacks, or regular jumping jacks. These exercises raise the heart rate, enhance coordination, and work the entire body.
  • Bounce Runs: On the trampoline, mimic sprinting in place by raising your knees and pumping your arms. This exercise boosts lower body strength and cardiovascular health with less joint impact than regular running.

Strength training

  • Squats:  On the trampoline, perform conventional or jump squats for an added challenge to your balance and intensity.
  • Lunges:  With every bounce, switch up your legs while maintaining control and stability.
  • Push-Ups: For incline push-ups, place your hands on the trampoline; for an extra challenge, use a stability ball. 

Core Workouts

  • Planks: To strengthen your core and increase your stability, adopt a plank stance on the trampoline.
  • Bicycle Kicks: While lying on the trampoline, execute bicycle kicks. The increased instability will burn your core.
  • Russian Twists: While sitting on the trampoline, tilt your back a little and rotate your torso in different directions while gripping a medicine ball or weight.

Theme trampoline parties 

A  trampoline party with a theme may turn an average get-together into a memorable occasion full of creativity and excitement, public use trampoline can help a lot in this. These fun suggestions and ideas will help to create an amazing trampoline party.

Glow-in-the-dark party

  • Set up UV lights, glow sticks, and neon face paint, and ensure safety with glow-in-the-dark headbands and bracelets.
  • Enjoy activities like neon dodgeball with glowing balls, a neon dance party with a fun playlist, and a glow-in-the-dark treasure hunt for an unforgettable trampoline experience.

Water Trampoline Fun

  • Set up by distributing water balloons and turning on sprinklers, with towels and non-slip mats for safety. 
  • Enjoy activities like a water balloon toss game on the trampoline, a slide leading to the trampoline, and a splash-filled dance party for an exciting and refreshing experience.

Costume Party

  • Select a theme like fairy tales or superheroes and decorate the trampoline area accordingly.
  • Enjoy activities such as a prize-filled costume parade, themed relay races, and a storytelling event where attendees play different roles, making the party both fun and imaginative.

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation 

In- Ground Trampolines are frequently associated with energetic bouncing and thrilling enjoyment. However, they can also provide a special setting for mindfulness and relaxation exercises like yoga. To improve relaxation and inner calm, try incorporating yoga and mindfulness into your trampoline experience.

Trampoline yoga session

Make sure the surface of your trampoline is safe and stable before dedicating a particular area for your practice to start a trampoline yoga session. Start with some light stretches, neck rolls, and shoulder shrugs to let your body warm up gently for activity. Go into a series of yoga positions that have been adjusted to the special surface of the trampoline, like downward dog, warrior stance, and tree pose, taking into account the bounce of the trampoline. 

Concentrate on matching your breathing to your movements, following the bounce of rhythm. You can improve your awareness of your body and the present moment by engaging in this practice.

Benefits: With its special fusion of relaxation and energy, trampoline yoga invites you to discover new facets of your practice and embrace the thrill of bouncing.

Mindful Bouncing Meditation

Stand in the middle of the trampoline with your feet hip-width apart. Place your arms comfortably by your sides. This is the mindful bouncing meditation position. Shut your eyes and inhale deeply multiple times, letting go of the past and totally accepting the present. Start gently bouncing while paying attention to the feeling of movement under your feet. Imagine your body releasing tension and stress with each bounce, getting lighter and more buoyant with each breath. As you ascend and fall, pay close attention to the pattern of your breathing, taking deep breaths and exhaling completely.

Benefits: Meditative rhythm of bouncing, and releasing any thoughts or other distractions that may come up.

Trampoline Savasana (Relaxation Pose)

Spend some time in savasana, or relaxation pose, on the trampoline after your yoga and mindfulness practice. Stretch your arms and legs comfortably while lying on your back, letting your body sink into the plush trampoline surface. 

Shut your eyes and concentrate on releasing all tension in your body, beginning with your toes and working your way up to your head. Breathe in a natural and effortless manner. For as long as you wish, stay in savasana and savour the feelings of inner peace and relaxation that arise from your practice.
Benefits: establish a connection with your body and mind

Trampoline Savasana (Relaxation Pose)


Trampolines are more than simply a place to bounce; they’re doors to countless hours of enjoyment, exercise, and education. Everyone may have a fun and interesting time on a trampoline with a variety of activities ranging from imaginative games and vigorous workouts to themed parties.

You can turn your trampoline time into treasured memories full of laughter, excitement, and growth by trying out these unexpected activities. The options are endless, whether you’re playing a game of trampoline dodgeball, throwing a glow-in-the-dark party, or doing a science experiment.

How do you make a trampoline more fun?
You can make a trampoline more fun by adding accessories like a basketball hoop, safety net, or sprinkler. You can also play games like trampoline dodgeball or create obstacle courses.
Fun things to do on a trampoline with friends?
Trampoline basketball, dodgeball , and storytelling are some fun games you can play on the trampoline with your friend.
What is the coolest trick on a trampoline?
One of the coolest tricks on a trampoline is the backflip. It’s visually impressive and demonstrates significant skill and control.(warning)
Fun things to do on a trampoline with friends?
You can have fun playing trampoline dodgeball, basketball, or competing in bounce challenges. You can also throw a trampoline dance party, create an obstacle course, or enjoy a trampoline campout under the stars.
Cool things to do on a trampoline by yourself?
Trampoline workouts, yoga and stretching, bounce meditation, freestyle tricks are some examples of those things which you can do on a trampoline by yourself.