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Trampoline Accessories for Enhancing Your Fitness Routine

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Trampolines aren’t just for children and can provide an excellent full-body workout for adults, too. The key is getting the right accessories to enhance your experience and push your fitness to the next level. Whether you want to intensify your cardio, strengthen your core or improve your balance and flexibility, accessories for  a trampoline can help you get more out of your rebounding sessions. With everything from weighted vests to stability bars, exercise balls and jump ropes, you can customise your workout to suit your needs. Why stick to basic bouncing when you can get your sweat on with targeted trampolining exercises using specially designed gear? It’s time to take your trampoline to the next level and transform it into a personal trainer in your garden.

Safety Enclosure

high quality trampoline in uk

A safety enclosure is a must for any trampoline. These nets surround the trampoline mat and springs to prevent falls and injuries. Look for a high-quality, tightly woven net designed for your trampoline size and shape. The trap should have a sturdy zipper or velcro closure to fasten it securely.


Safety pads are also essential to prevent scrapes and bruises from contact with the springs and frame. Thick pads that wrap around the entire trampoline will offer the most protection. You’ll want weather-resistant pads, UV-treated and securely attached to the frame.

For fitness, consider accessories that can up the intensity and add variety. Trampoline handles provide stability for planks, pushups, and squat jumps. You can also get trampoline weights and weighted vests to increase the challenge.


Are you looking to make trampolining more fun? Add on a basketball hoop, volleyball net or bounce board. You can play games that improve hand-eye coordination and reaction times. Trampoline tents turn your trampoline into an outdoor playhouse.


Trampoline exercise videos and routines can help motivate you. Many offer modifications for all skill levels, so you can start basic and work your way up as your confidence and fitness improve.


With the right safety gear and accessories, a trampoline can provide an effective, low-impact cardio workout for people of all ages and abilities. So get bouncing and have fun while getting into shape!

Add a Trampoline Ladder for Easy Access

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Adding a trampoline ladder is a simple way to make getting on and off your trampoline safer and more accessible for the whole family. Instead of awkwardly climbing onto the edge of the trampoline pad, a ladder provides secure steps so you can walk up and down with confidence.


Look for a ladder designed explicitly for trampolines, with padded steps that securely grip the trampoline frame. For the best stability, choose a ladder with more comprehensive steps, handrails for support and rubber feet to prevent slipping. A ladder with adjustable legs is ideal since it can be tailored to your trampoline’s height.


Assembly and Use


Assembling the ladder is straightforward, only 15-30 minutes. Once put together, place the ladder at an open spot on the edge of your trampoline pad. For safety, only have one person on the ladder at a time, using the handrails for support. Always face the ladder when climbing up or down – never climb backwards!


A trampoline ladder opens your trampoline to family members and friends who may struggle to get on and off otherwise. It also makes it much more convenient to get on and off for a quick bounce whenever the mood strikes. Why limit your trampoline fun when a simple ladder makes it much more accessible? With a trampoline ladder, the only limit is how high you can bounce!

Trampoline Scooter

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A trampoline scooter, or a jump scooter or bounce board, can add extra excitement to your trampoline workout. This accessory attaches to the trampoline mat, giving you a sliding surface to push off from.


How It Works


The scooter attaches to the trampoline springs, providing a slick platform that lets you build up momentum and slide across the mat. You sit, kneel or stand on the scooter and use your hands and feet to push off, sending you gliding over the trampoline. The scooter reduces friction, allowing you to slide much faster than you can bounce. You can perform spins, drifts and other fun moves as you zip around.


For the most part, trampoline scooters are suitable for recreational bouncing and basic tricks. They typically support up to 125 kg, so make sure the combined weight of riders doesn’t exceed the limit. You’ll also want to take it slow until you get the hang of it, as the scooter can take some practice to control. Always follow the safety guidelines provided with your trampoline and any accessories.


A trampoline scooter is an affordable way to excite your bouncing routine. children and adults alike will have a blast zooming around the trampoline and perfecting their sliding skills. This fun add-on can inspire you to get outside for some thrill-seeking exercise. With a trampoline scooter, your regular bouncing workout became much more enjoyable!

Install a Trampoline Anchor Kit for Stability

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Installing a trampoline anchor kit is one of the best ways to enhance your trampoline and make it safer. An anchor kit securely attaches your trampoline to the ground, preventing it from shifting or tipping.


Why Anchor Your Trampoline?


An unsecured trampoline can be dangerous, as it may move around or even flip over when people are bouncing on it. An anchor kit prevents this by securing the trampoline to the ground at multiple points. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your trampoline is stable and secure for jumping.


An anchor kit typically comes with heavy-duty straps and stakes that you bury in the ground around the trampoline. You attach the straps to the top of the trampoline at several points, then stake the other end of each strap into the ground. This provides a robust and balanced hold to keep your trampoline firmly in place.


Choosing an Anchor Kit


There are many anchor kits available for different sizes and shapes of trampolines. Look for equipment specifically designed for your make and model of trampoline. It should include durable straps, sturdy stakes, and all necessary hardware to attach the straps to your trampoline frame securely.


For the strongest hold, look for an anchor kit with straps that attach at several points around the top of the trampoline rather than just one or two points. Thicker straps and longer, broader stakes buried deep in the ground will also provide maximum stability for your trampoline.


An anchor kit is an essential safety accessory for any trampoline. By properly securing your trampoline to the ground, you can jump higher and with more confidence, knowing that it will remain balanced and secure. Your trampoline will be safer for both recreational bouncing and fitness workouts.

Get a Trampoline Cover to Protect From the Weather

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A trampoline cover is one of the most useful accessories you can get for your trampoline. It will help protect your investment from weather damage and keep it in good shape for years.


Protect from Weather


The elements can do a number on a trampoline, even if it’s made of weather-resistant materials. UV radiation from the sun fades and weakens the pads and mat over time. Rain and snow also speed up deterioration. A cover shields your trampoline from sun exposure, precipitation and frost when not used.


It’s best to cover your trampoline whenever it’s not being used for an extended period, like overnight or during winter. A cover that is securely tied down will protect the whole trampoline, including the pads, mat, springs and frame. Look for a body made of durable, weather-resistant fabric like polyethene that is also breathable, so condensation doesn’t build up underneath.


Using a trampoline cover, especially in harsher weather, can help ensure:


  • The pads and mat maintain their bounce and durability.

  • The springs and frame don’t become rusty or damaged.

  • The net enclosure continues to provide safety (if you have one installed).

  • You get maximum use and enjoyment from your trampoline for many years.


A trampoline cover is a simple solution that provides significant protection for your investment. For the relatively small upfront cost, a body can save you money in replacement parts and keep your trampoline in prime jumping condition. It’s a no-brainer for any trampoline owner.

Use Trampoline Mats for Added Cushioning and Grip

high quality trampoline in uk

A trampoline mat, also known as a trampoline pad, is essential for safe and effective exercise. Trampoline mats provide cushioning between you and the springs, preventing painful falls. They also give you a much better grip, so you stay in control of your movements.


Consider investing in a high-quality trampoline mat specifically designed for exercise. These are durable, weather-resistant materials with reinforced stitching around the edges. They have a textured, non-slip surface so your feet don’t slide, even when wet from rain or sweat. Thicker mats, around 1 to 2 inches, offer the most protection and comfort.


For the best performance, look for a mat that is adequately sized for your trampoline frame. If it’s bigger, it will provide full coverage. It is too large, and it won’t attach properly, creating unsafe gaps. The mat should have evenly spaced grommets or loops around the edge to securely tie it to the springs. Double-check that all attachments are snug but still allow some give.


Using a trampoline mat, you can jump higher, try more complex skills and work longer with confidence. They open up a more comprehensive range of exercise options for an effective full-body workout. Why limit yourself to primary bounces when you can do knee tucks, pike jumps, or front flips without fear of landing on bare springs?


Trampoline mats are an easy, affordable way to make your rebounder safer and more versatile. Along with the right trampoline accessories like handlebars or a jump mat, trampoline pads help turn your trampoline into a valuable tool for fitness. Your joints and muscles will thank you for the extra cushioning during high-impact exercise. Using a trampoline mat is a simple step to help take your workout to new heights!


So there you have it: a few simple ways to boost your trampoline workout and take your fitness to the next level. Whether you opt for a few durable trampoline mats, a safety netting system, a jump rope or a weighted vest, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your trampoline into a full-body gym. Mix and match the accessories to customise your high-intensity interval training or cardio routine. The possibilities are endless. The best part is you can do it all in the comfort and safety of your garden. So stop making excuses, get out there and jump – your body will thank you! With the right accessories for a trampoline, you’ll bounce your way to better health and fitness in no time.

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